Friday, June 17, 2016

Summer Recap Part 2

Hello Everyone, this is part 2 of our 2016 summer recap. If you haven't yet read part 1, you can click here and read it. Thank you for your continued prayers.


I was honored to have the opportunity to speak at a youth camp located in the mountains near Baguio. I spoke for four nights and I thank the Lord for the safety He gave me in commuting to the camp as well as for the response of the youth who attended.

On Mother's Day, we honoured each mother with a rose and a special gift. We also enjoyed some delicious food after the service. 

One of the highlights of our summer is our daily Vacation Bible School (VBS). For one week we have a special program for children that starts at 8:00am and ends just before lunch. This year we praise the Lord for the record amount of kids that participated. On the first day alone we were amazed to see 166 kids! 

There were 35 volunteers who helped make this VBS possible and we are grateful for every one of them. They did a fantastic job and we are thankful for their servant's heart. There was even a group of youth who went above and beyond in designing the set, it really looked awesome! 

The kids (and leaders) enjoyed the Bible lessons, the funny skits, our famous water games, crafts, yummy snacks, and much more. It was such a blessing seeing everyone come together to further the gospel by giving their time, money, energy, and talents! A special thank you to Belmont Bible Church for providing the VBS curriculum. 

Also, we want to thank our friend Josh who came to the Philippines on a mission trip and helped out with our VBS. We met him last year in the U.S. at the Grace Conference and it was good to spend some time with him over here and we appreciate his love for the Lord. 

Toward the end of the month we joined a youth rally hosted by Dayspring Bible Baptist Church in Angeles City. The youth were challenged by messages from Sam Samson (Pastor Edwin’s son), Sean (his nephew), and one other pastor who spoke on the theme, “Let no man despise thy youth, but be thou an example”, taken from 1 Timothy 4:12. 


The youth enjoyed one last hurrah before school started again by having a "lock-in" at the church. They stayed overnight at the church enjoyed some food and playing games. Then they woke up early in the morning to go jogging and watch the sun rise. 

To help the students prepare to go back to school. Our church had a special "Back to School Sunday". We gave away pencils, pens, and notebooks to all of the students who attended the service. There were over 100 students aged K-12 who came - praise the Lord! We thank the Lord we could be a blessing to them and we are grateful for another opportunity we had to share the gospel. Please pray for the students and teachers as they begin another school year.

I would also like to give a quick update on our family.  

Rina and I just celebrated our 9th anniversary. We are grateful for all of your prayers, especially for wisdom and continued spiritual strength and physical health.

Liam just finished his 1st year of preschool and he did great! Rina did a fantastic job teaching him and it has been fun to see how much he has learned and grown since the beginning of the school year. Liam will be turning 4 years old this June 18.

Luke likes to copy what his kuya does and he really is talking a lot more now.  It’s fun to see his personality come out. He also started potty training this month. Luke will be turning 2 in August.

Mom will be heading back to the U.S. on July 3, so please keep her in your prayers. It is a blessing having her help out in many different ministries, but I know she will enjoy her time with her other grandsons and family back in Chicago. 

It seemed like the summer flew by so fast. We are thankful for what the Lord allowed us to accomplish and we look forward to what's ahead in the coming months. Thank you for praying for us!  

-Matt, Rina, Liam and Luke-
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Monday, June 13, 2016

Summer Recap Part 1

Hello everyone! We’ve just wrapped up a busy and exciting summer. We thank the Lord for His protection and blessing and we also thank you all for your constant prayers. Here are some of the highlights.


Asia Baptist Bible College celebrated its’ 42nd commencement/graduation. We are proud of the three students from our church who worked hard during the school year. One of the young ladies even received a special scholarship for next year because of her academic excellence. Please continue to pray for those students from our church who will be continuing their studies at ABBC.

We had an awesome year with our Awana ministry. We had an opportunity to share the gospel with an average of 70 kids each week. As a conclusion, we had a special "Awana Sunday." We celebrated the achievements of the Awana clubbers throughout the year and enjoyed a time of singing, testimonies, and food thanking our Savior for another successful Awana year. Please continue to pray that the Lord will use and bless our Awana ministry. You can see a short video of our Awana program from this past year by clicking here

We are so thankful that we serve a risen Savior! We had a special time of celebrating our Lord’s resurrection on Easter Sunday. Our worship service was held early in the morning and then we served breakfast afterwards. This Easter was also special because Rina’s cousin and her family came to visit from the U.S. We enjoyed spending some time with them and Liam and Luke especially loved playing with their cousins. 


It was encouraging and exciting to see 5 people follow the Lord in believer's baptism. One of the ladies who was baptized came to faith in Christ through our Awana ministry. Her 2 children started attending Awana last year and her daughter invited her to come and see the Awana program. She came out and we were able to share the gospel with her and she came to know Christ as her Savior. Please pray for those who were baptized that they will continue to grow in their faith and serve the Lord. If you would like to see a short video of the baptisms, please click here.

On a Sunday night, we honored all the students and teachers in our church who received special awards and honors this past school year. We also recognized those who successfully completed preschool, kindergarten, elementary, and college. 

For 1 week we joined the 1st BBF Youth Camp held in in Lipa City, Batangas. The theme was “Souled out for Christ.”We had a total of 27 campers from our church and everyone had a wonderful time. Our youth enjoyed the games, food, hiking, activities, preaching, and fellowship with the youth from Baptist Bible Church Sta. Mesa and 3 other churches. It was an encouraging time for all the campers and we are thankful to see how the Lord worked in their hearts during camp. A special thank you to our friends Pastor Keith and Rebecca Birginal who did a fantastic job in the planning and execution of the camp.

At the end of April, it was exciting for us to see one of the young ladies in our church get married. She was led to the Lord by Ptr. Nelson when she was in high school. Rina was the matron of honor, Liam was the Bible bearer, and I shared the gospel and gave the charge to the couple. It was a beautiful wedding and we are excited to see what God has in store for Arman and Mona. It is also a blessing to have another godly couple in our church. During this same time, Marian, our friend from the States, came and visited us, she was also part of the bridal entourage. It was nice to spend a couple of days with her and we are thankful for her love and support.

Thanks for taking the time to read part 1 or our 2016 summer recap. Part 2 will be coming soon...

- Matt, Rina, Liam, and Luke - 
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Monday, February 29, 2016

Ministry and Family Update for January and February

In January...

We thought it would be a good way to start off 2016 with a "New Year Choir Kick-Off.” We had a wonderful afternoon of fellowship with our choir members. There was singing (it was a choir fellowship after all), some people gave testimonies, we had a short devotion time, and we played some games (the Bible scavenger hunt that Rina planned was really fun). Before everyone headed home for the evening, we ate some snacks and enjoyed some s’mores. We are thankful for all those who use their voices to the glory of God every Sunday!

Also in January we were privileged to have Dr. Phil Stringer speak at our church. He is now the Vice President of Church Relations at our alma mater, Dayspring Bible College. It was good to see him again and it was also a blessing that several local pastors and Bible college students attended the special service. We were able to give them some Tagalog resources (the James Commentary and Talk Time booklet) to be a help in the ministry.

In February...

I also had the privilege to attend the Spiritual Leadership Conference Asia in Manila. It was hosted by Lancaster Baptist Church. It was an encouragement to be there and here the messages and enjoy the fellowship. They even had a special recognition for all of the American missionaries. 

Our church held its annual "Valentine's Banquet" for married couples and singles over the age of 23. It was an encouragement that it was well attended with many visitors and we are thankful to have been able to use this opportunity to share the gospel! We enjoyed a delicious meal, special music, and games. A special thank you to our speaker Ptr. Sanchez, the youth who were the servers, and mom for managing the cooking. 

Our Awana program continues to bring excitement and blessing. This month we had our “most favorite” theme - Ice Cream Day! This was a record breaking day for our Awana, there were 140 kids who came! Please pray that the Lord will continue to use the Awana club to make an eternal difference in the lives of these kids.

We also began a new outreach this month. Each Friday we have the opportunity to teach God's Word to elementary school students at Mary Queen of the Rosary Academy. This school is located a couple of minutes from our church. This opportunity is a result of the puppet show outreach from the Victory in Grace mission team last November. They went to the school and the principal told me that she would be willing to allow us to have Bible studies with each grade. We are grateful that God has opened up this door! Please pray for God's blessing in this outreach. Since we have started, several of the students have even come to Awana. Also, please pray that we would have this opportunity continue through to the next school year.

If you have been following our blog the past few years, you know that around Valentine's Day we usually have an extra special Sunday called “Sweet Sunday.” The people volunteer to bring a sweet treat like chocolate or even something healthy like apples. This year we passed out over 160 packed bags of sweet treats! 

There was also a special opportunity for some of the youth of our church to attend the "College 4 a Day" at Asia Baptist Bible College. During the program those in attendance were divided into 2 groups, high school age and college age. I had the opportunity to lead the high school group and challenge them to consider ABBC. Those who attended from our church enjoyed the program. We pray that they would be open to the Lord's leading in their life. 

Family Update...

We are currently in the process of fixing our entire kitchen. Due to some prior poor construction, water had been leaking inside and this had caused the ceiling to severely drop down and sag. Also, termites had gotten in and eaten away at the wood. Please pray that the work will be done properly and that there may be opportunities to talk with the workers about the Lord. 

Please continue to pray for our health and strength so that we may continue to do all that God has for us to do. There were still a couple of times when Matt didn't feel quite right so we appreciate it more than you know. 

Liam and Luke are doing well and growing up quickly. Liam is quite the curious one and asks lots of questions!  He is still learning a lot in preschool and enjoys  doing his school work (most of the time).
Luke has been walking since September and gives us a workout trying to catch him!  He can say a few words now but still makes up a lot of his own words. We are thankful to the Lord every day that He has blessed us with children. We pray for wisdom that we would parent the boys the way God wants us to. Most importantly, we pray that as soon as they are able to, they would come to understand the gospel and put their trust in Christ. 

God Bless,

- Matt, Rina, Liam and Luke -
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