Saturday, December 19, 2015

Mission Team Recap

A little over a month has passed since we were joined by a mission team from the U.S. The group was led by a team from the Quentin Road Bible Baptist Church and they were joined by people representing Bemidji Baptist Church, Grace Bible Church, and Calvary Bible Church. It was a blessing seeing familiar faces as well as meeting some new ones. Even though the group was here for only 11 days, it was a very productive time. The group was able to do out-reach and ministry in 5 different Provinces as well as throughout the Metro Manila area. 

Of course for us the highlight is when the mission team is in our area. We had a couple, Kuya James and Ate Rhonda Castro, stay at our house the first Saturday and Sunday. It was a blessing to spend some time with them and also to have them teach in Sunday School, give their testimony, sing, and preach. 

The next day, our church hosted a medical and dental mission and we had around 180 people come through the doors. We are thankful to Dr. Tanney, Nurse Meg, and Jeff Smith for assisting with the medical clinic and we are also grateful for the local Filipino medical professionals who volunteered to assist with the outreach. We also thank the Lord that through this outreach we were able to lead many people to Christ.

While the clinic was going on, we also were involved in school outreach in our local community. We were able to go to the local high school as well as two local elementary schools and share the gospel with thousands of students. The mission team was able to give a special puppet show presentation as well as pass out tracts and candy to all of the students. We are grateful that the Lord gave us this opportunity.

The following Sunday night the mission team was back at church for one last special service. Ptr. James Mucerino was our guest speaker and it was fun to fellowship and enjoy the company of our guests before they went back to the U.S.

It was a blessing to have the mission team visit once again. We are thankful for the strength and protection that God provided throughout the trip. We also are grateful to the people of our church for all of the preparation and hard work they did to help make this trip successful and memorable. Lastly, we are thrilled to think of the many souls that came to know Christ during this trip and so we thank the Lord for enabling us to be instruments of blessing for the sake of the Gospel of grace and the glory of God.

Thank you for the continued prayers and support!

- Matt, Rina, Liam, and Luke -


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