Friday, December 18, 2015

Family Day & Friend Day

Hi everyone, we just wanted to give you a quick update about a couple of outreach events that we had at our church during the past several months. 

“Family Sunday.”  

Every year we challenge our people to invite their extended family to join them at church for "Family Day". There were quite a few that were able to come. We had a special guest speaker, Bro. Arman Serrana, who talked about God's plan for the family. And we enjoyed the rest of our morning by taking family pictures and eating delicious food prepared by our church members.

"Friend Day"

As the name implies, everyone was encouraged to bring a friend to church. We are thankful that there were over 20 visitors with some of them professing faith in Christ for the first time! We again had another food fellowship after the morning service and then we rented a photo booth for the day - everyone really enjoyed that.

Thank you for the continued prayers!

-Matt, Rina, Liam and Luke-


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