Saturday, April 5, 2014

March Recap

Thank you for your constant prayers. The Lord has continued to give us strength and He has blessed us in so many different ways. There were many exciting things that happened this past month. I would like to tell you about a few of them.


Since November, I taught twice a week at the Asia Baptist Bible College in Manila. On Tuesday I taught "Christian Worldview" for first year students and on Wednesday I taught "Christian Apologetics" for fourth year students. It was definitely a busy second semester but it was a great blessing to be able to teach the students. 

Well, the school year has finally come to a close. The final week of school is known as "fellowship week". The son of Dr. Lyons, Pastor Eddie Lyons of High Street Baptist Church, was the guest speaker throughout the week. During this time there were special presentations, encouraging messages for the students and alumni, a banquet, and of course the graduation ceremony. 


A group from Dayspring Baptist Church and Belmont Bible Church came to visit our church and minister to several other churches here in the Philippines. They had a busy schedule while they were here, each day brought something new. On Thursday, they encouraged the students at Asia Baptist Bible college during a special chapel time and then during the evening they ministered at a church in Manila. On Friday, the group traveled to be with Pastor Edwin Samson. They visited some schools during the day and then at night there was a youth rally at the church. We brought with a group of teenagers from our church to join the youth rally and the messages were a great challenge and encouragement for everyone. On Saturday the mission team came over to our church and helped with the AWANA program in the morning. They assisted with the game time, group time, directed the singing, and led an awesome puppet show. The kids loved having them there! That evening we had a special Saturday night service, both Pastor Dan and Pastor Mark preached and there was also a special children's service in the back area. It was a blessing to have the mission team come to encourage and minister.


On March 27-28, our church hosted a seminar/conference for the first time. We called it the “Grace Seminar”. The Lord opened up an opportunity for us to have two days of Bible teaching and training centered around the gospel of grace based out of a study of Romans 1-5.  Pastor and Bible teacher Scott R. Johnson was our speaker. He is currently the director of the Alaska Christian Ministry to Seafarers in Seward, Alaska, and he previously was on the pastoral staff of Duluth Bible church for many years. He taught verse by verse through the first 5 chapters of Romans and the theme of the seminar centered on "God’s Righteousness”.

There were over 85 people who registered for the seminar, including over 30 pastors. We did not charge any fees for the seminar. Everything was free for those who attended including the materials and the food. We are especially grateful to Quentin Road Bible Baptist Church and Duluth Bible Church for donating some resources.

We are also thankful for the many volunteers from our church who worked hard and helped make this "Grace Seminar" possible. A total of five meals were cooked and snacks were provided both during the morning and afternoon. Some of our church members graciously housed some of the pastors while others stayed at the church. It was a lot of work planning for this seminar but we are thankful that God allowed our small church to host something like this.

It was a wonderful opportunity for everyone to systematically learn and hear about the importance of the gospel of grace based out of the book of Romans. There were many positive comments by those who attended and we give all the praise to God. It is our prayer that everyone who attended will take what they have learned from God's Word about the clear gospel of grace and use it in their church.


We praise the Lord for a successful inaugural year of our AWANA Club. We saw over 330 different kids walk through the door from August 31 - March 29. There were new clubbers each week and we rejoice in the fact that all of them were able to hear the good news of salvation through faith in Jesus Christ. We also are so thankful for the 20+ volunteers who faithfully served our Savior and those children week after week. We are taking a break for the summer, but Lord willing we will start year number two once school begins again. Please pray for God's continual guidance and blessing on our AWANA Club!

Thanks for the continued support!

-Matt, Rina, & Liam-


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