Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Mission Trip Recap

Friday, February 24th. The mission team arrived in the Philippines very late at night. The team consisted of 12 people from Quentin Road Bible Baptist Church, Dayspring Baptist Church, and Dayspring Bible College. Also a thirteenth member joined the team from Thailand for a few days.

Saturday, February 25th. This was the official first day of the mission trip. We split the group into several smaller groups consisting of three or four team members and headed to different areas where we have Bible studies near our church. The groups were able to teach new songs to the children, teach Bible stories, pass out a lot of balloons and candy, and most importantly share the clear gospel.

Sunday, February 26th. Our church was blessed to have Pastor Daniel Reehoff, the senior pastor of Dayspring Baptist Church, preach to us. He challenged our church to be busy for the Lord as we await the imminent return of Christ. We were also privileged to have him preach during our night service. He spoke about being enthusiastic in serving the Lord. We had a packed crowd for both our services. Also, the college/high school girls on the team were able to teach the children's church during both of the services. After the service, everyone wanted to have their Bibles signed and pictures taken with the mission team. It was a blessed day.

Monday, February 27th. This was the first day of our medical and dental clinic. We were thankful to have two doctors from the team join us this year, Dr. Robert Tanney and Dr. Tom Jensen. We were also joined for the day by a third Filipino doctor, Dr. Jayron. Along with the doctors, we were blessed to have two dentists from the Bethany Baptist Church medical mission team who assisted us during our clinic. There were over 200 people that come through the doors that day to receive medical attention. We were able to share the clear gospel on an individual bases with each person who attended the clinic. We thank the Lord that many people put their trust in Christ that day.

Tuesday, February 28th. This was the second day of our medical and dental clinic. Dr. Tanney and Dr. Jensen really did an amazing job. We had around 300 people attend the clinic and we went almost 2 hours past the scheduled closing time. Again it was a great blessing to have five dentists who graciously volunteered to help us for half a day. The greatest blessing of the day was to know that everyone who came to the clinic heard the clear gospel of grace, and many of them indicated that they had for the first time put their complete trust in Christ alone as their Savior.

I also want to give a special mention of thanks to all of the nurses who helped during the two days of clinics at our church. Along with Mrs. Tanney (the wife of Dr. Tanney) and Ma’am Dulce, we were blessed to have 3 other young ladies who really helped out in a big way. Nurses Rochelle, Regine, and Mary Jane. They worked side by side with the doctors and helped to translate and assist in many different ways.

Wednesday, February 29th. We visited Asia Baptist Bible College in Santa Mesa, Manila. Pastor Dan was able to preach for their last chapel hour of the school year. He challenged the students to “Wow, the world” for Christ. After the chapel service, we were able to do a little sightseeing, visit some historical places, and come face to face with the famous Manila traffic. We went to Intramuros and visited Fort Santiago, after that we went to the Manila American Cemetery and Memorial.

Thursday, March 1st. We visited God's Covenant Fundamental Baptist Church with Pastor Resty Rivera in Mabalacat, Pampanga. We were also able to have a medical clinic there with our two doctors. Over 100 people walked through their doors and were able to hear the gospel as well as receive medical attention. The rest of the mission team was able to go out into the neighboring resettlement area and pass out tracts and do street evangelism. Pastor Dan preached that evening for their Thursday night prayer meeting service.

Friday, March 2nd. We visited Dayspring Bible Baptist Church with Pastor Edwin Samson in Angeles City, Pampanga. His church was also able to hold a medical clinic. (This was the last day of clinics for the trip) There were also over 100 people that walked through the doors seeking medical help who were also able to hear the clear gospel. At dinner time, the team was able to experience the annual “Balut tasting experience”, two brave souls from the mission team were willing to try it. Pastor Dan also preached that evening for their Friday night prayer meeting.

Saturday, March 3rd. This was the last full day for the mission team to be with us. They would be leaving at 2:00am on Sunday. In the morning, the group toured the local outdoor market and was able to bargain for and buy some souvenirs. In the afternoon, the group was once again able to split up and attend the different Bible studies that we have in the area by our church. We ended the evening with a group fellowship and farewell dinner at our house. During that time the ladies graciously surprised Rina with a small baby shower.

It was a great blessing to have the mission team come here and minister to our people. It seemed like the time went by so fast. We thank all of you for your prayers and we thank the Lord for the safety and protection He gave each one. We are so thankful for the countless people who were able to be reached with the clear Gospel of grace!

God Bless,

-Ptr. Matt & Rina-

Click on this link here to see some of the videos and pictures that Ptr. Dan put together as updates for his church back in the U.S.


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