Monday, June 13, 2011

The New School Year

Last Sunday we wanted to have a special time of prayer for all of the students and teachers who attend our church as they begin the new school year. This past week was the first week of classes for the public school system here in the Philippines, with the rest of the students set to begin at different times within the next two weeks. Through the generous donation of some balikbayan families, as well as through our church, we were able to give free school supplies (notebooks, pencils, pens, crayons, backpacks) to many of the children who attend our church.

I want to ask if you can please remember to keep our students and teachers in your prayers. Please pray for safety, as most of them walk or commute to school and please pray that they will bring glory to the Lord through their hard work, study, and testimony. Also, please remember to keep the teachers in your prayers. Please pray that by God's grace they will have the wisdom, strength (the student/teacher ratio per class in the local High School is over 60/1), and remain a good witness during this school year. Thank you.

-Ptr. Matt & Rina-


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