Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Youth Camp 2010

Last week was our annual youth camp. We had a total of 14 people from our church attend the camp including 5 first timers. I believe the total number of campers this year was somewhere around 250. It was an extremely busy and blessed week featuring awesome preaching, delicious food, games, teamwork, and great fellowship. Our camp theme was "Christ in You", and I pray that everyone who attended the camp was challenged to let the light of Christ shine through their lives.

We left for camp early Tuesday morning. We had to split up our group since only 8 of us could fit in our car. The other 6 commuted via bus with the campers of another church. Our group left the church at 5:00am and we arrived at the camp around 9:30am. We then registered all of our campers and went to our assigned cabins. That evening we had our kick off event with some team competition followed by the preaching of Dr. Jerry Samson. After the service everyone stayed to fellowship for a little while and then headed off to bed.

On Wednesday, everyone had to wake up extremely early for the early morning preaching otherwise known as the sunrise service. Our meeting started at 5:30am, yes, that's right, 5:30am! Thankfully, I was able to wake up in time for the service, good thing too because I was the one who was doing the preaching. I was able to give a message entitled, "A Gatorade Christian." After the message we had our breakfast, which was followed by some basketball and general free time for a couple of hours. Following that, the young people went to their team building sessions and the adults had their own discussion group. Once that was over we had our lunch break and in between our lunch and dinner time we had more free time, group sessions, games, and team building. After dinner we again had our nightly camp meeting with some special singing, a drama presentation, and then preaching by Pastor Hilo. Following the preaching we again had fellowship outside by our cabins and then went to sleep.

Thursday featured another busy day. There was no early morning preaching on Thursday, but instead, each cabin had a special devotional led by one of the Pastors. I transferred to the cabin with the campers from Pastor James Montenegro of the BBC of San Ildefonso and Pastor Arnel Supan (who transferred to our cabin) of Beulah Land BBC in Pulilan. We had a good devotion and then hurried off for some breakfast before we began another busy day. The format for Thursday was generally the same. The topics of the group sessions were different and the activities were new, but the day still had plenty of activity from breakfast until dinner. That night, we had some more singing, another drama presentation, and then back to back preaching by Pastor Darlucio and Pastor Estrada. Two of our young men dedicated their life that night! Following the preaching the camp awards were passed out. By the time our service was finished it was past midnight, but many people stayed up and continued to talk and fellowship until the early hours of the morning.

On Friday we again had our special devotions which were then followed by breakfast. After breakfast everyone packed up their things and got ready for the long ride back home.

We had our "Camp Night" during this past Sunday Evening Service. All of our campers gave their testimonies in church. We sang some of the new songs we learned at camp and we watched a picture presentation about our trip to youth camp. Everyone had a great time at camp this year. We are thankful for the safety we had, the good fellowship, and for all of the campers who where challenged this year to be more Christlike. Thank you for your prayers. God Bless.

-Ptr. Matt & Rina-


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