Wednesday, March 10, 2010

2010 Philippine Mission Trip

1 Corinthians 16:18
18 For they have refreshed my spirit and yours: therefore acknowledge ye them that are such.

We just finished hosting the 2010 mission team from the Quentin Road Bible Baptist Church. It has been a very busy and exciting past several weeks. We thank God for the safety and success of the mission team. It all began with the arrival of Pastor Jim Scudder Jr. He was able to preach at 2 churches and also speak at a Bible College, a Bible study, and a pastor's fellowship. In the the 6 full days he was in the Philippines, he spoke/preached 8 times. While he was in the Philippines, he stayed at our house and we really enjoyed his company and fellowship.

Pastor Jim was soon joined in the Philippines by Dr. & Mrs. Tanney, Ken & Laura Kennedy, Marian Todd, Caleb Crowley, and Beverly Black. It was great to see their friendly faces and they were a huge blessing to us. We had many laughs, some tears, and an overwhelmingly great time.

One of the main purposes for the mission trip was to host a medical mission. Dr. & Mrs. Tanney provided medical care during the pastor's fellowship, for our church, and the church of Ptr. Resty. They treated easily over 500 people with the medical outreach. During the medical mission at our church, the mission team was able to witness to everyone who was waiting to receive the free medical help. Many, many people accepted Jesus Christ as their Saviour after hearing the the clear, simple Gospel of salvation.

These past several weeks have been an amazing blessing both to us personally and our church. God has been so good. Our spirits have been refreshed. To everyone on the 2010 Philippine Mission Team, I would like to conclude with a simple Maraming Salamat Po.

-Ptr. Matt & Rina-

(Sorry there are not alot of pictures posted. I just didn't have the chance to take as many as I would have wanted, and I knew that since Marian was coming, the pictures would be taken care of. As soon as she sends me her pictures, I promise I will post them and comment further on the mission trip.)


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