Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Overdue Posts

I have decided to post some pictures and updates from some of the different events/experiences that took place towards the later half of November. It was a busy month with a variety of activities. We had one of our friends from the states come and visit us for a week and a half, we attended two youth conferences and had a youth/church fellowship with another church, we did some scheduled construction around the church, and had a church cleanup day.

-Ptr. Matt & Rina-

Youth Rally #1

Some of the youth in our church attended a Youth Rally themed "Holy Ambition" at the church of Ptr. Carlos Darlucio (Heritage Bible Baptist Church).

Youth/Church Fellowship with the Bible Baptist Church of San Simon

Keith Visits the Philippines

Our good friend Keith visited us for around a week and a half. We had a great time seeing him again and his trip was a big blessing to Rina and myself.

Church Construction and Cleanup Day

We made some shelves for our storage room and the church members helped to clean in preparation for our church anniversary celebration. Everyone worked extremely hard and a lot was accomplished.

Youth Rally #2

I was asked to be a guest speaker during the divided session of the 3rd Baptist Youth Jubilee at the Bible Baptist Church of Caloocan. I spoke to the high school group about the theme of the jubilee, "Navigating Against the Current." Twelve of our young people were able to attend the conference and be blessed by the preaching, activities, and fellowship.


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