Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Our Memorial Day Remembrance: 8,000 Miles Away

Memorial Day was our first major U.S. holiday that wasn't celebrated here in the Philippines. Thankfully though, we were still able to reflect and remember in a unique way. On Memorial Day, we had to travel several hours away to the Bataan Peninsula because Rina was involved in the debut of a pastor's niece. Unknown to us, on our way back home at around 10:00pm, we passed by a monument honoring the U.S. and Filipino soldiers who defended the Bataan Peninsula and were later involved in the Bataan Death March. Thanks to my father's careful training of stopping at every historical marker, I quickly got out of the car and was able to take some pictures. I was imagining our local parade and the subsequent march to the cemetery back home, but then in our own way, some 8,000 miles away, we were still able to participate in Memorial Day. -God Bless-

-Ptr. Matt and Rina


David Summer said...

I love it! The fruit certainly doesn't fall far from the tree... Fred will certainly be proud of you!

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